A Conquering Faith

by William O. Einwechter
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44 pages

Published by Chalcedon, 2002


This monograph takes on the doctrinal defection of today's church by providing Christians with an introductory treatment of six vital areas of Christian doctrine. The Biblical teaching concerning God's sovereignty, Christ's lordship in the gospel, the authority of God's law, the self-authenticating truths of God's existence and the inspiration and authority of Scripture, the dominion mandate, and the triumph of Christ and His church in history are necessary antidotes to the man-centered theology plaguing the church at the beginning of the 21st century.

Don’t read “A Conquering Faith,” by William Einwechter unless you are willing to see the common excuses of evangelicalism demolished: excuses for disbelieving the Bible, for the shameless retreat in society, and for the apathetic approach to the dominion mandate of Genesis 1 & 2. Einwechter shows how the church will triumph and God’s Law will be obeyed because the Author and Finisher of our Faith cannot and will not fail to accomplish His purposes here on earth. Like a short, quick punch in the boxing ring that knocks out the opponent, “A Conquering Faith” delivers a focused strike to the doctrinal defection of the modern church that cannot be ignored.  - Joel Saint, Director, The Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society.

This easy-to-read booklet is a welcome antidote to the humanistic theology of the 21st century churchChalcedon

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Author's Preface

Chapter 1 - The Sovereignty of God

Chapter 2 - The Lordship of Christ in the Gospel

Chapter 3 - The Authority of God's Law

Chapter 4 - How Do We Know God Is Real and the Bible Is True?

Chapter 5 - The Earth Is the Lord's

Chapter 6 - The Triumph of the Church